GP Online Services – Support and resource guide

Contains all of the information you need to understand the benefits of Online access, who to set up, communications for patients etc: Support and resource guide

Time Saving Calculator

Helps to assess the numbers of calls taken to deal with Appointments, Prescriptions and Test results.  This is to help identify where there may be time released to help with screening of records and set patients up for GP Online: Time Saving Calculator

Lab Tests online

Signpost your patients to this site to help understand why tests are take, what to expect and when to take action – help them to better understand their health LabTestsOnline

BMA/NHSE Joint Statement: Prospective Records Access

This document provides the interpretation and guidance on the GP Contract commitment.  The approach has been agreed by NHS England and BMA General Practitioners Committee (GPC) in England and is supported by both organisations.  
BMA & NHSE joint-statement on prospective-record-access v1.1

NHSb Prospective Records Access Guidance

Prospective Records Access guide

Contains contract requirement, checklist of essential steps to follow and links to BMA/RCGP about safe records access including Vulnerable patients and proxy access: Prospective Records Access Guide 

And accessible version   Prospective Records Access practice Guide-v1.2-accessible

NHS Futures redacting Guidance 

Redacting information for online record access: guidance for GP practices – Digital Primary Care – FutureNHS Collaboration Platform

DoH, RCGP & BMA The Good Practice Guidelines for GP electronic patient records v4 (2011)

These guidelines have been written by national experts who are also users of clinical systems in their own practices. They are intended to support and encourage practices as they continue the move to be becoming “paperless” and beyond: The Good Practice Guidelines-version 4 (2011)

NHSX Records Management Code of Practice for Health and Social Care 2021

A guide to use in relation to the practice of managing records. It is relevant to organisations working within, or under contract to, the NHS in England: Records Management Code of Practice 2021 – NHSX

London wide LMCs: Patient Online Services

The aim of this document is to provide signposting for the best advice to practices on the most challenging aspects of patient online access to GP services:  POLguidanceaug16LMCFINAL.pdf

Professional Records Standards Body

Health and Social Care standards.and Social Care standards:  Standards – PRSB (

RCGP/DoH/BMA: The Good Practice Guidelines for GP electronic records v4 2011

A quick reference guide:  RCGP/DoH/BMA: The Good Practice Guidelines for GP electronic records v4

Good practice protocols, forms and templates to help with online access

For use with EMIS.  Note: These must be checked for your own use, Redmoor Health are not responsible for the content – just sharing as they have helped other practices:

a.              How to register for online services guide

b.              Online services application form

c.               Online services registration protocol

d.              Online Access Questions protocol – EMIS protocol

e.              Identity questions for online access – EMIS template

Note: If you require support importing the EMIS Protocols, please contact

Patient Online Management Information (POMI) Data

POMI data is published monthly by NHS Digital and provides GP Online Services data at a national, CCG and practice level.  This is what your commissioners use to see percentage of patients enabled for Online services as well as your utilisation.  This should match your clinical system Library searches where you can check which elements of the records each patient has enabled already.  Get in touch if you want us to show you how to find these search’s as well as how to set them to run each month to check your progress.  Link to POMI data Patient Online Management Information (POMI) – NHS Digital then follow the Interactive Dashboard link

RCGP Safe Patient Online Access 

a. Safeguarding, Domestic Violence and Abuse advice regarding Records Access

b. Patient online Toolkit

c.  Adult Safeguarding toolkit

d. Guide to Coercion

e. Proxy Access 

f. Children and Young People guidance

How to hide an entry from visibility in EMIS

EMIS Now: How to remove online visibility for a new consultation, an existing consultation and in care history

How to hide an entry within TPP SystmOne

Please see help screen within SystmOne.

eMR & iGPR for help with screening – these are indicator tools, intended to give you a good feel for those patients who may have records containing lots of sensitive or 3rd party entry.  No one system can guarantee to provide all but these will help you with time saving and identify which patients need more scrutiny and checking.

Patient Stories – Di Readman

a.  So why do Patients and Carers want Health Records?

b. Podcast: Document naming and making care safer and more accessible 

Haughton Thornley Medical Centre

Have been delivering full records access and now have over 80% of their population enabled.  There website has lots of content that you can use if you credit their work.  Links to some useful patient facing information

Graham Johnson

A patient diagnosed with Arthritis talks about the benefits of haiving online access to his test results Graham Johnson – online access to test results video


Set up  a test patient so you can understand how the information looks Set up a test patient – NHS Digital

NHS Commonly asked questions on Accelerating Access to Patient Records 

Please contact our Support Centre with queries or to arrange a 121 for your team/practice/PCN via or 0161 672 9778.

Link to How to” videos to support staff training, including locums, to receive the necessary training with regards to checking and entering information into patient records.

NHS Update on the programme